What is Relationship Photography?

Nashville Relationship Photographer

That’s how I brand myself – Relationship photographer -, it’s extremely intentional on my part: The tagline speaks to who I am at my core, what gives me the most joy, what I think is important and what my clients can expect from my wedding coverage.

I often get asked

‘what’s your style of photography?’


‘what does relationship photography mean?’

And I share my heart that I truly believe that the people we choose to spend our lives with are what’s most important and displaying the significance of your closest relationships is what I do; Capturing the RAW real moments of interaction that draw on the heartstrings and bring forth outbursts of joy.

I’m interested in capturing photos that will stand the test of time, photos that become worth so much more as time passes until they’re literally priceless because of the people in them and those memories they bring back, even after those people are no longer in our lives…

Bride, child and mom
I treasure this moment as grandma (brides mom) looks with all the love in her heart as her daughter (Anna Claire – bride) and her grandchild are sharing laughs and hugs. The family will cherish this image now… in 50 years they’ll put a much higher value on it as people pass on.

Father and mother walk bride
This moment was beautiful and hard as Jennifer’s father and mother walked her down the aisle. Jennifer, like most of us, has spent most of her life leaning on her loved ones – our parents, our dads – and her dad is very sick with cancer and had to lean on his wife and Jennifer in order to walk his baby girl down the aisle. He’s a fighter.
You can see the hope for the future in Jennifer’s eyes as she looks on to her groom at the end of the aisle waiting for her. You can see all these emotions and more on their faces.

I have photos of loved ones, photos that I adore. Some of folks still with me and some of folks I hope to see again one day. Photos of fishing trips with my grandpa whom I loved and when looking back on those photos I am reminded of those times, the man he was, who he was to me and the love he showed me.

I take extreme pride in capturing these moments, these frames of time that will become only more and more valuable as time passes. I LOVE what I get to do 🙂

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