Vendors – Get more FaceBook page likes

Do you have fans? Do you have likes?
I’m willing to wager that you have a LOT more fans of what you do (because you’re awesome!) than you do likes on your Facebook page, here’s how to fix that 😉

Maybe you have a social media team that runs your page or maybe you do it yourself, and maybe you’re one that chases page likes or perhaps you don’t give much time to it; There’s no doubt that word of mouth is key to most of our businesses and one great way to generate that coveted momentum (increased post reach, shares, being in the forefront of customers minds, people bragging about you (and thus spreading your message) etc.) is to get more likes on your page.

Facebook allows you a little percentage of all your page likes to see your posts (without ‘promoting’ your posts – $$), so the more likes you have the more people that see what you’re putting out there.

Of course there’s thought that goes into how often you post, the focus of the content you’re posting and what days/times you post… All these things affect how many people you’re going to reach. <*rant>I see a lot of people post in the middle of the night and hardly get any reach, there’s very few fan bases that middle of night/early morning posting works for <*/rant>

Anyway… I recently discovered that Facebook (for a change) has made an update for page owners that’s helpful to us building our fan base. As far as I can tell it’s only an option on the non-mobile apps of page management (ie, on your desktop) but when more than a few people like a post and you then have the ‘susie, janny and 8 others liked…’ and you can click on the ‘8 others’ to open a popup window that shows you everyone that’s liked it.
You’ll see on that popup window that you can now invite those that liked your post to like your page.

Most people will ignore your invite (over half), but there’s a few who will gladly accept and follow your page (people that just didn’t really think to until you invited them or forgot to)
I’ve had a good amount of likes generated from this (about 70-100 in the last couple weeks).

What are your thoughts?
What have you found that works?

P.S. It’s best to invite people very shortly after they like a post because you’re still fresh on their minds etc. Wait even just a little bit and people may have no idea who you are

P.P.S If you’re having trouble getting this to work, make sure it say’s you’re posting as your page (not your personal account). Some have only seen ‘add friend’ where invite should be; In this case, it maybe that Facebook is rolling this feature out for some pages but not others currently. They like to do that stuff for testing etc.

Possible fixes (if it’s not giving you the option to invite in the manner shown in my video);
I would try it both from your pages timeline (main page, where all your posts show up) and also inside the photo folders. If neither works I’d try again in a few days.
Hope it’s a blessing to you 🙂

•• UPDATE ••
Seems that Facebook decided to pull this feature today sadly across the board. I hope they roll it back out at some point. For now we’ll look at other ways to build a organic fanbase.

That’s what I loved most about this feature, it was a organic audience > People that are really interested in staying up to date with my photography and wanted to be in touch. It was perfect 🙂

Have a great day and if you have any tips please share below in the comments!

•• UPDATE ••
Facebook relaunched this feature today… I’ll take it!
Not sure how long it’ll be active but hey 🙂

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