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I had the honor of being the featured photographer at the Nashville Wedding Planners Group meeting a couple months ago. It was so great to meet all these wonderful planners and get to know y’all better 🙂

I just had the chance to “sit down” with these lovely ladies again and thought y’all would really enjoy a short interview.


TN wedding photographer

TN wedding photography


1: Can you describe to me the mission of the Nashville Wedding Planners Group (NWPG)?
What is it you do and why is it good for the Nashville bride?
The mission of the NWPG is to build a sense of community among local wedding planners. Our
goal in creating this group was to foster relationships between planners while providing fun
opportunities and learning experiences for them at the same time. Our site introduces brides
and other wedding professionals to some of Nashville’s finest wedding planners as well as other
distinguished Nashville wedding vendors.

2: The NWPG has a really active blog, what can a bride get from following your posts?
Yes, our blog is quite active! We decided to blog every day to get as much info as possible out to
our readers. One of the benefits brides can gain through reading our blog is learning about
wonderful local wedding professionals from businesses that have been around for awhile to new
and upcoming companies that might not have heard about otherwise. Brides also get the chance
to learn about our fabulous planners and from there can make decisions about what planner
might be right for their own wedding. We also feature Real Weddings and great Planner Tips
that can provide inspiration and advice for couples in the planning process.

3: How would you most like to effect change in the wedding planners industry in the Nashville
market? We would love to be able to come together as a group for the collected benefit of our
entire industry through education and building relationships with fellow planners and other
event professionals. We’d love to foster great friendships and business relations for all of our
wedding planners so that Nashville can be THE city for great planners!!

4: Why should a bride hire a professional wedding planner? Professional is key, a professional
wedding planner knows the market and the best vendors to choose for each bride. No matter
how organized a bride is, she doesn’t want to be bogged down with every little detail of planning
her own wedding. A professional planner has the knowledge, tools and relationships to handle
the stressful tasks so that a bride can enjoy being engaged!!

5: How can hiring a wedding planner save a bride money? A good wedding planner can
definitely help a bride be more efficient with her money. Whether it’s helping her stick to the
budget, assisting in making wise vendor decisions or simply guiding a couple on what to spend
their money on, a good planner has the resources to help a bride make smart choices with her
wedding funds.

6: Some venues provide a day of coordinator in their packages, do brides need a planner also?
YES!! As wedding planners, we work with some wonderful venue coordinators, however, this
does not negate the fact that brides need planners. A venue coordinator works for the venue they
represent but a wedding planners works for YOU. Wedding Planners help to see that every little
detail happens exactly as you want it and works with you countless hours beforehand to plan
and coordinate every aspect of your wedding day.

7: If you could make sure a bride asked one question of their wedding planner before they hire
them, what would it be and why? Ask enough questions to make sure the planner understands
your vision for your wedding. Make sure they understand your needs and that they have the
ability to handle your details and produce your big day.

8: How should a bride decide on what planner to use? We always advise brides to choose a
planner that they get along with and trust. If you don’t trust your planner, the process will be
hard for both the bride and the planner.

9: At what part of the wedding planning process should a bride hire their planner? At the very
beginning of the planning process, before hiring vendors (except this wedding photographer :-)). A planner can do their job most efficiently and create a more cohesive event if they are involved from the very beginning.

These ladies are legit! If a planner is in their group you know they are the real deal.

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