Things This Nashville Wedding Photographer Is Thankful For

Thanksgiving is about over here in Nashville, TN & I’m full to the brim with food and fellowship.

The food was plentiful and the house was full, friends & family alike coming together to celebrate giving thanks for how truly blessed we are.

As always we started off, before eating or even prayer, we went around the room saying things we are grateful for in our lives there was much said; “Thankful for my wife, who is used by God to sanctify me every day. Never knew how selfish I was until I got married.” & “Thankful that everyone in our family that can work does have work to do.”


Things I’m most thankful for; I’m thankful for the amazing tools we have in photography today. When I go to shoot a wedding my gear makes it so I can focus on the important things and not on the gear. I’m grateful to have faith & peace in this world when so many walk in fear… I’m grateful to have not only what I need but even have abundance when so many have need… I’m grateful for the ability to help those in need… I’m grateful to have fellowship, family & friends in a world when so many are so lonely… To have food, great food, in a world that so many go hungry.


I’m grateful to have a day set aside to reflect on theses things.

I hope you all had a great day with loved ones & wish many more days like this to come.


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