The Investment – Nashville Wedding


Wedding Coverage

A beautiful once in a lifetime celebration of your commitment & the vow you are taking, before the people you love the most.
Captured masterfully and told with the care that every great story deserves.

“Weddings are a microcosm of everything good in this world. Not in a Hallmark sort of bull—- way. But for real. A wedding is people, community, and love. It’s a beautiful mess of everything we thought we needed mixed with everything we didn’t know we had with a dash of everyone who cares thrown in for effect.”
-Spencer Lum

I limit myself to capturing 25 weddings a year, to ensure my couples get 100% of my attention.

Ask your groom if he’s ever had a tailored suit. The fit; perfect. The feel; made just for me.
Wedding collections are custom tailored to. fit. just. right.

Coverage starts at $2400

Portrait Sessions

Families, couples, friends.
Relaxed portrait session that may last up to 2hr and result in awesomeness!
Custom tailored to fit you, no one size fits all here.

Engagement session, bridal photos, day after session, family portraits.
Planned with the same care all my clients receive.

Portrait collections from $150








Tennessee wedding books

Heirloom Wedding Albums

Don’t just share your memories with your loved ones, bring them to tears with your stunning wedding story perfectly told in a custom designed wedding album. Handmade in the US with the finest materials available, it’s a total show stopper, jaw dropper. (towel to dry after your girl friends cry/drool on it not included)

Tennessee wedding canvas

Wall Art

Invest in a daily reminder of the love that lives in your home. Amazing canvases & mounted prints… made to last for generations. This, love & memories are what turns a house into a home.

Tennessee portrait photography

Portrait Story Albums

The very best way to tell the story of your relationships. Designed from the ground up & handmade. Portrait story books are the perfect answer and what a beautiful way to display your cherished memories & carry them with you to share with friends.