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I was walking around downtown Nashville the other day after a session and it was a busy time with the NHL All Stars game in town, lots of folks around lower Broadway.
When I came across a sweet scene of a little kiddo and dad walking and the child was struggling to keep up and looked tired, the dad stooped down and put the child on his shoulders for the rest of their journey.

Got me thinking, I know a lot about my life in general and my childhood from photos;
I don’t really remember much about our trips to the Grand Canyon or Disney World when I was young, adventures to the zoo or rides on my dad’s shoulders… That is until I look at photos and I somehow remember more and even much more than the photo shows.

Old family photos (Photo: Me atop my dad’s shoulders with 4 of my brothers and sisters sometime in the late 80’s I’m guessing. My mom must’ve taken this one)

Photos remind us of our past, sometimes remind us of who we are or once were and hold some keys to where we’re going.
They’re soo important, so take that selfie or grab that photo… BUT also remember to soak in the splendor of those you spend your life with 🙂

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