Recent happenings • Grand Canyon

Sorry guys I’ve been MIA a couple months, been SUPER busy with clients booking. photographing some really AWESOME weddings and many engagement photos too 🙂
It’s been a beautiful whirlwind.

Throw into the mix that I took a road-trip with one of my really good buddies at the beginning of May out to Arizona (Page, Tuba City, Grand Canyon and beyond)… I’ve been playing catchup lol
Such a good trip, so much beauty in this country of ours 🙂

Lone tree in desert

This is actually a panoramic photo of this lone desert tree and landscape with my phone.
I haven’t had the time to edit any of my photos other than my phone photos lol

How we wound up on this desert road is a long story but I’ll give you the short version;
We’re both ‘off the beaten path’ kinda guys. Going to places people don’t usually go, taking the harder path, because we don’t want to see, photo or experience the norm • You want to get a unique view, go where no one else is going.
So in this vein we were searching for a ‘secret’ canyon in Tuba City we’d heard about and drove down desert (sand) roads for miles and miles. We’re probably 8 miles from any form of pavement at the time of this photo. Also one of my favorite scenes of our trip. I don’t think those two things are not connected, they must be.

Can’t wait to print these 😀

I’ve also picked up trail running and hiking more often since the weather here in Nashville has gotten so nice.
Always surprised at the things I find while out trekking in nature, like this abandoned dump truck.

rusted dump truck

I love these little gems.

Also like I said there’s been many weddings and engagement sessions as well, I’ve finished a few of those and will post some of those photos soon. So excited as we’ve gone places I don’t usually go and really created some super personal and unique photos. Can’t wait for y’all to see them 🙂

Question of the day;
Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?

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