New Equipment Review : Invisible Shield.

Zagg Invisible Shield

I just got my Zagg’s InvisibleShield protective cover for my Canon 5D Mk II today.

Ordered it on the 28th so it took 9 days over the 4th weekend to get here.

So I guess that’s not too bad.

I got it from Adorama.


Installing the Invisible Shield

Installing wasn’t bad at all.

It comes with two covers; one for the rear 3″ display and one for the 1″ top display.

You have to clean them and spray this stuff that came with it on them (yes I said spray wet stuff on your 5D!)

Put them on and push as many of the air bubbles out as you can.

The rest of the air bubbles will disappear in “2 or 3 days”.

I hope that’s true.


The Invisible Shield On

Not that you can see it:)

It seems tough and like it’ll last I long time.

It carries a lifetime replacement if it ever scratches or anything so for the $15 you can’t beat it.


To see how I use this beautiful camera take a trip over to my Portfolio page 🙂

Brentwood, TN Portrait Photography

Zagg Invisible Shield on Canon 5D Mark II

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