Nashville Wedding Photographer Day 9 Photos Added!

Most of you know me as a Nashville Wedding Photographer. I am really, as most photographers are, a photographer… What this means is I love capturing your wedding day & telling your love story. I also love taking fine art photos, portraits, photographing babies etc.

And if you’ve been following my 366 Day Photo Challenge you’ve noticed most of my photos are in the fine art/still life camp.

This will change over time but for now I hope you enjoy day 9!


Nashville Photography

Day 9 Photo 1.

Tennessee wedding photographer

Day 9 Photo 2.

Nashville Tennessee Photographer

Day 9 Photo 3.

Not to many shot today. I had a very busy day of editing & loving life:)

Hope you enjoy & soon you very soon with day 10!

P.S. Got any great locals around middle TN to shoot you don’t mind sharing? Drop me an email or leave it in the comments.

P.P.S. If you haven’t had a chance to look my portfolio over give it a peek:)

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