Nashville TN Wedding Photographer – Day 13 Photos

Day 13 photos are in!

Turns out you can get some pretty darn cool coloured textures very easily:)


Photographer Nashville Tennessee

Day 13 Photo 1. Guess how I got this texture.

Nashville TN portrait photographer

Day 13 Photo 2.

Nashville Tennessee portrait photography

Day 13 Photo 3.

Tennessee wedding photographer

Day 13 Photo 4.

TN portrait photographer

Day 13 Photo 5.

I start the day ready to kill it, made a few phone photos but nothing ever really panned out.

I wound up doing a late night photo session to get these photos.

That’s the beauty of this 366 Day Photo Challenge, I’m forced to create when I would otherwise do other things.

I feel my creative mind expanding already:)

Stay tuned for great things to come!

P.S. What are your tricks to expand your creative side?

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