Nashville Photographers Have Fun Too

In 2012, a group of local photographers packed into a limo with booze and models to travel about town and have fun (taking photos, hanging out and getting a break while wedding season slowed down)… I was one of those lucky photographers.
This year, we took it to the next level… We had sponsors!

Yazoo provided more beer than we could drink (though we tried to prove them wrong), Blackrapid provided some door prizes & Signature Limo gave us some SWEET rides! It was a fantastic time and wouldn’t have happened without the hard work of Joe Hendricks (local photographer) heading it up this year.

We rode about Nashville, headed to the lake for a swim, partied it up on the bus (hopefully those videos of me rapping will never see the light of day 🙂 ) and went to Bar Louis for some fish ‘n chips.

Tennessee photopalooza

The photographers who joined this year:
Justin Wright, Matt Andrews, Joe Hendricks, Me, Rae Marshall, Jen and Chris Creed, Courtney Davidson, John Yates, John Hillin, Myrick Cowart, Anna Rebecca, Jennifer Lawrence, Scott Stimeare, Ned Siriyutwatana, Kermit Purcell, Tony Long-garro, and Nicole Clemmons.

Our Models were:
Emily Hunerwadel and Sean Haggard

P.S. We’re hoping to get Ray Ban, Fossil & Clarks to sponsor Photopalooza 2014 🙂

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