Shelby + Coleton’s leather wedding album

For a kid, those rainy days cooped up indoors can be some of the most taxing. You roam and play with every toy there is, watch TV and eat. This home is now a prison lol
Just then, little Johnny (or little Susie); “Momma, read me a book! Daddy, read me a book!”
“Of course!” Your heart leaps with joy 🙂
Then, they see that really big book… Your wedding album.

Designing and making my couples wedding albums is by far some of the most important work I do, their kids and their kids-kids will one day hold these cherished memories in hand and be able to experience your wedding day for themselves.
It’s so rewarding, knowing that this work, my work, will last far beyond my own life.

This is why I choose only top quality albums, real Italian leathers and Japanese silks, true photographic paper that will not fade or discolor for over 100 years (thank you Kodak!).
This is why I take it so seriously, because you take it seriously. It matters.

Wedding day memories

Here’s an album I just finished for Shelby and Coleton from their beautiful wedding day.
When Shelby recieved it she text me:

Hey Micah! Just saw the album and it looks amazing! I love it so much and will cherish it forever! Thank you so much!

Wedding client text
Now when I get a text like that… Day made for sure!

Man, I love so much what I get to do!
Thank you, each and every one of you. You let me live my dreams.
I love you guys.

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