Introducing handcrafted album boxes

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been working with local woodworkers to get these handcrafted album boxes in the hands of you, my lovely clients 🙂
These heirloom boxes are the perfect compliment to your handcrafted album with their hand rubbed stains and rich grains!

Heirloom album box

Exclusive to me and oh soo nice in your hands/on your coffee table!

Also excited to offer the same workmanship for photo proofs in these custom boxes.
My prints are all handcrafted on 100% cotton museum fine art paper and go perfectly nestled in these custom sized proof boxes.

These heirloom boxes have been 2 months in the making, I couldn’t offer them until they were perfect and am so stoked to finally be there 🙂

Contact me today about getting yours from your photos or about creating some awesome photos for you that will go great housed in them!
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