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It’s not often I share photos of details from weddings, despite how amazing they are and how much work goes into them, I just care way more about the connection and relationship!

Well this isn’t really about the photo, it’s a story about how awesome Swati + Prabodh are;
My good buddy’s father very unexpectedly passed away and my buddy (who is also a wedding photographer) expressed they were having difficulty getting together with a florist for the memorial service over Labor Day weekend and asked if I had a wedding then and if they might be open to him getting the flowers after… I asked Swati and without hesitation she was excited and said ‘yes, you can get them all!’

Nashville Indian wedding details

We loaded them up and they were beautiful the next day setup for his memorial service. Really blessed the family and took something off their plate to focus on more important details.
Thanks again Swati + Prabodh! Y’all rock my socks off!

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