How we see us and they see us

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video roaming around Facebook (linkedin, that’s still hip right? 🙂 ) It’s a phenomenal study on how we see ourselves and how others might see us differently.
If you’ve been hopped up of caffeine & buried in studies, perhaps you’ve somehow missed it. I would encourage you that it’s worth a couple minutes of your time.

It’s shocking how critical we can be on ourselves, sometimes not even realizing it because we’ve lived this way for so long.
We owe it to our own well being to love ourselves. We’re pretty awesome as it turns out!

Now few people know this about me but…

I’ve been a member of Dove True Beauty since it began oh so many years ago. I can still remember receiving the welcome packet that contained a simple little 1.15min film about how the media impacts our perception of ourselves and others. All thanks to a pursuit for a ‘beauty’ that’s not even real. Here’s that little film

I’ve had the distinct honor of showing this film to thousands of teenage girls & boys in public schools. Our speaker would then talk on self image (hey Sarah!) and loving & forgiving yourself. It’s an important message and kids need it, hell adults need it!
I’ve seen hundreds of students, tears flowing down their faces, come flooding the gym floors to thank us and for counseling. I’ve seen much the same from teachers as well.

All this to say, the world needs you to love yourself. We need you to forgive yourself & forgive those around you. We’ve got a very short time on this earth and lots to get done 🙂
Hope you have a fan-tastic day!

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