Homeless fathers day portraits

I’ve had the privilege of volunteering photography for my church here in Nashville, Cross Point, for many months now and have been ramping up my invovlement with the Dream Center (which Cross Point runs in Nashville).
The other day I had the honor to photograph some of the men the Dream Center works with for fathers day portraits; These men will be able to send a printed photo to their loved ones and keep one for themselves.
A professional portrait may seem like a luxury item not really needed, but it’s amazing the impact it can have in the lives of those often neglected.

Here’s a few of my favorites from our session.

Titans portrait

Homeless father portrait

Fathers day portraits

Tattooed homeless portrait

Childs fathers day portrait

Homeless portrait

As you might imagine, there’s a lot of initial apprehension for these men as you offer to create a portrait for them. Many have not had a professional photo made maybe ever and some the last time they had a photo taken was for booking in jail.
But you just smile and let them know it’s for them, shake their hand and offer some compassion and respect and the walls will start to crumble.

Actually have a lunch meeting (today) with the director of the Dream Center to plan a small childrens summer program teaching photography this summer. Hopefully it’ll be a great outlet and a form of art therapy for many of the kiddos.
Can’t wait 🙂

I learned from the director of the Dream Center at lunch today that one of these gentlemen (who said he’d not had a photo made in a very long time) let them know he hasn’t spoken with his son in over 4 years, said they didn’t even know each other anymore.
This gentleman said he mailed this copy of his portrait along with a note to his son and said he wanted him to know what he looks like now, his son wrote him back saying it was good to hear from him. They’re looking forward to continuing building their relationship.

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