Give this photographer his wings

I’m shocked it’s taken me this long : I just applied for my passport.

That’s right, in a few short weeks I’ll have my wings!


I’m gearing up to head to Alberta, Canada this Dec. with the 501(c)(3) I work with (Life Choices Presents, part time) for a week or so of school programs in the beautiful setting & (crosses figures) Northern Lights of the great north 😀

I’ve missed working with LC so much over the last many months I’ve been so very busy with photography. It’ll be great to be back out there for a week or so & get the chance again to speak truth & love into some hurting teens lives.


I’m also happy to inform that they make it very hard to prove you’re a US citizen. I guess that’s a good thing, just makes it take a lot more time & energy on my part.

I now I plan on booking some destination weddings; Think France, Italy & Spain… Bring ’em on! That’s how it works right? I decide I want a wedding in Paris and then I just get hired to do so 😉

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