Getting over self image

I sit in front of my computer on this cold-snowy day & think of all those driving on the ice outside. Have they taken the time to document their memories with those they love or would there only be a distant memory left if they were to slide on the ice and the worst happened?

With this everyday reality in mind; I decided to make a family portrait happen while we were all together over Christmas. I know very well that ‘tomorrow is not a promise, but a chance.’ We have to life live today.

Here’s my big, fun dysfunctional-functioning family 🙂


Christmas family photos

A very good ready about the importance of getting over self image and living life. Because when we really get down to it, it’s just that “Self image”. We always seem to be 10x harder on ourselves than those around us.

So here is the harsh truth y’all. Listen good. Our vanity is no longer enough of a reason to avoid the camera. Life doesn’t wait until you “get thin” enough to capture it. Life is happening . . . it is happening right now and the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are living. – Read the rest


Enjoy your day and live life 🙂

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