Front Porch Farms wedding photography

It began an overcast day but Holly & Zeus were ready to celebrate with their most cherished family & friends the beginning of their life together.
I teamed up with Matt Andrews for this wedding (he’s always a plesure to partner with at Nashville weddings).

As the day unfolded so did the sky and the sun was shining.
Holly & Zeus are so comfortable together and very fun. I know their home will be filled with laughs & love 🙂

Nashville Tennessee photography
As the reception kicked off and the sun dipped the horizon, my flash came out to get great lighting in the dark reception hall. It’s key to have many tools in your chest in order the need arises to use them.
Tennessee photography

Honored to capture Holly & Zeus’s wedding day for them and in such a beautiful venue as Front Porch Farms… icing on the cake 🙂
In Photography, the light is 90% of the image; If you don’t get that right, it doesn’t much matter what moment you ‘caught’. You must have a photographer you can trust will capture both.

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