Favors come in all sizes

(that’s what she said?)

I have a hard and fast rule

when it comes to providing my photography services to friends/family, “would I give them a kidney”? If the answer is ‘yes!’ then it’s a gift… If the answer is less than ‘yes!’ (note explanation point 🙂 ) then they are charged full price like the rest of the world.
A girl’s gotta make a living 😉

Easy decision when my sister asked for maternity portraits; When & where?
My only stipulation was that it’d focus on their relationship as a family. My focus as a photographer is relationships and how they impact our lives, reason why I enjoy weddings & family portraits soo very much and way I specialize in them.

Here’s my interpretation of a maternity session:

Tennessee portrait photographer Brad’s Teddy from his childhood, now is baby Jacob’s :)[/caption]
Nashville TN photography

We had a little fun too, as seen in these mad hand skills 🙂

My clients love the little films I make for them; Just short videos that tell a story of how my clients interact as a couple, often when no one else is around.

P.S. I may have also taken my camera to the hospital for my nephews birth… Non-grose photos to come 😉

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