Family is what matters!

Hope you’re gearing up for Christmas and the other holidays nicely.
As they come ever closer, I’m reminded of the significance family can play in our lives; the support and love we can be for one another.
It’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year as family is close and guards are down… Many of the same reasons why I soo love weddings; they bring out the best in family and bring down the emotional walls of our hearts, freeing us to be who we truly are.

This (now famous) wedding dance film illustrates this point so well;
Andrea Had recently lost her dad to cancer and wouldn’t be sharing her father daughter dance with him at her one wedding… Her family decided they could help fill the gap his absence had left.

I did not photograph this wedding, though I would’ve been honored to, but this display of support and outpouring of love from her family will always be very moving to me. This is what family is all about, right here.

Let’s hug our loved ones a little more, tell them how loved they are and be that support we so often need ourselves.

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