Europe travels | Scotland, London, Paris, Iceland

I’ve been thrilled to spend the last couple weeks of December and first half of January backpacking, train hopping, plane catching, wine drinking and photo snapping across Europe. I’m in Iceland still wrapping up all the amazing things here before heading back to Nashville.

We were wanderers • Never lost • Always home

Here’s a selection of my photos, I have some that are just too good to share and will join my private in home gallery for viewing as you come over 😉
We start off in Scotland; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Skye and everywhere in between! We spent most our day’s chasing the light, it was few and far between… So we had some pints between 🙂

As with most of my favorite places I see while traveling, these are just random stops while driving and seeing something beautiful that catches my eye.
Still water Scotland

I am such a sucker for nautical details and this tiny fishing village in the highlands of Scotland provided what my heart desired 🙂
Water, boats and birds Scotland

The greens are just different here and there’s sooo much rain that moss grows a plenty!
Moss in Scotland

One of the benefits to traveling to Scotland with me is that you get pretty rad portraits at the Ferry Pool waterfalls.
Ferry pools waterfall Scotland

It’s ridiculous how excited I was to finally meet one of these highland cattle face to face! I did not give him a haircut.
Cow in the Highlands Scotland

I drank many a fine scotch while in Scotland. This was a particularly nice pour.
Whiskey Scotch

While strolling along one night, you might just bump into the queens palace in Scotland. This is a night photo of Holyrood Palace.
Queens palace Scotland

Even though this looks like a skyline from Arabian Nights, it’s in fact a sunrise photo of downtown Edinburgh from Calton Hill.
Scottish sunset Edinburgh

A photo of Arthur’s seat at sunrise from Calton Hill. Arthur’s Seat is a nice little hike if you ever get the chance.
Arthur's seat Scotland
New Years in London for the biggest fireworks show I’ve ever seen!
I have mixed feelings about London, I didn’t love it here but had some amazing times as well 🙂

A dramatic reflection of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in a shop window.
Dramatic reflection St Paul's
Paris was on the list next and I saw so many things in this city it’s all a blur!
Fantastic food, people were helpful and spoke to me in English as best they could. Nothing like I’d been led to believe about attitudes etc.

I love everything about Vespa’s and this repeating blues of the windows with the colour of the scooter was just too good to pass up.
Blue scooter in Paris

I’ve been making it a point to grab a portrait of people I find interesting while on this trip. Here’s a select few of my favorites 🙂
People of Paris

What’s Paris without a stop by the Eiffel Tower and river Seine? The tower is a different colour than I thought… I always thought it was black for some reason lol
Eiffel Tower lines

Had to visit the Catacombs and the Montparnasse Cemetery. The catacombs are pretty crazy and they don’t like when you sneak into restricted areas…
Cemetery Paris, France

Visited Notre Dame de Paris and was fortunate enough to catch this little birdie while there 🙂
Notre Dame with bird
On to Iceland, the windiest place I’ve ever been to (by FAR). Very short days, but when the sun is up it is golden hour non stop!
This land is magic.

Geysir erupting water through ice in Iceland.
Iceland water and ice

Caught this couple watching sunset at a waterfall in the mountains in Iceland.
Snow and couple Iceland sunset.

Caught more sunrise/sets in Iceland than I could shake a stick at, but why would you shake a stick at them?? They’re beautiful!
The sky’s mouth opens and sills light.
Blue, red and snow.

Icelandic horses were on my must meets and when I finally did, they did not disappoint. These are wild horses and sized just right for elvish riders 😉
Snowy sunset Icelandic horses.

Lastly I’ll leave you with a photo of the tectonic plates at sunset in Iceland. It’s a awe-inspiring thing to me.
Iceland sunset
I have had a fantastic trip thus far, expect the rest to be even better and can’t wait to get back to Nashville and meet my newest nephew (who decided it’d be a good time to be born 3 weeks early so his uncle Micah couldn’t be there) and be home. Ah home
If you’ve called or text me, I’m sorry – Email works good though 😉

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