Days added – Nashville photographer

Hi all,

I’ve been very busy the past few weeks… Trip to SC, back home to Nashville… Then to OK and back home!

Good though, shot video and photos for many the past few weeks.

Always a blast to engage new clients and make new relationships, as it is to maintain the ones I have 🙂


Here’s a couple photographs from a portrait session I did in Oklahoma.

Really cool backdrop setting… A dam with the most “arches” out of any in the world (Pensacola Dam, right outside of Ketchum OK).

Really long dam.


Days 55 & 56

Nashville portrait photography

Day 55 Photo 1. Love when I am able to use leading lines into the frame.

TN wedding photographer

Day 56 Photo 1. It’s a big dam…

Hopefully I’m here in Nashville for a bit… Although I do love to travel!

I’ve got a wedding here in Nashville and a wedding in NC both in March so I’ll be in the beautiful mountains for a bit as well as the urban/country vibe Nashville is so famous for 🙂

When’s the last time you had portraits / Family portraits made?

Contact me and book today… Or at least set a camera on a car, ask a stranger or something.

Time is precious and short, have great pictures to remember it by.

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