Day 30 Photos Added – Nashville Wedding Photographer

So self-portraits are fun, right?

Yeah they are!

Portrait photography in Nashville almost always has a guitar or Keith Urban in it… This is a little different 🙂


I’m still perfecting lighting with my new 22″ speedlight beauty dish I made.

Here are a couple seflp-portraits created with it.


Nashville portrait photography

Day 30 Photo 1. Self portrait with heavy textures added. Shot with beauty dish.

Micah G Robinson

Day 30 Photo 2. Self portrait lit by speedlite beauty dish. I’ve got my ‘thinking beard on’.

I love this new beauty dish, it’s a very fashion like light.

Lots of potential 🙂

Great things to come!

Stay tuned.

P.S. Who’s your favorite singer/band to come out lately?

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