Day 17 Photos Added – Photography Nashville

I’ve been working on a super secrete for the last couple weeks… A speedlite beauty dish… well two actually!

I’ve finally been able to finish up one today!

I’m so excited about this.

Final touch-up paint is drying now:)


Day 17


Tennessee wedding photographer

Day 17 Photo 1.

Tennessee portrait photographer

Day 17 photo 2.

Nashville portrait photography

Day 17 Photo 3.

Wedding photographer Nashville Tennessee

Day 17 Photo 4.

This beauty dish will add yet another weapon to create beautiful images for you.

And it’s compact enough to take to weddings etc. no problem.

Day 18 coming soon:)

P.S. It’s 3am and I’ve gotta be up at 6am… What the heck am I still doin’ up?

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