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10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Every couple, if your wedding is in Nashville or otherwise, tries to figure out the best ways to cut the cost of their wedding. Seeing as the average wedding comes in at $27,000 now, makes sense too.

The question then becomes what areas are best to cut costs? Is it a good idea to not hire a pro to do your wedding photography and instead have all your guests use disposable cameras and have your uncle, friend or sister shoot your wedding with their new camera?

This Nashville wedding photographer hopes to help you answer that question. I hope, also, you will keep this in mind while reading the rest of this post however… There are 4 things that will last for many, many years after your wedding day;

  1. Your spouse 🙂
  2. Your wedding dress/tux
  3. Your rings


 4: Your wedding photos!

These 4 will be around long after everything else is long gone.


Reasons to hire a pro

  1. Insurance – Pros have it, others don’t. Pretty simple. Almost all venues require it, however you usually don’t find this out until it’s too late and becomes an issue. Pros know this and deal with it so you never have to worry about it. Far before it’s ever allowed to become an issue. And not just liability insurance… Errors and Omissions insurance too. What’s that you may ask? It’s like malpractice insurance for photographers. It’s what covers you if your photographer get’s in a wreck and goes to the ER instead of your wedding.
  2. A pro knows – how to pose/coach a photo (needed for formals)… Comes into play when dealing with large groups. It’s not just about taking a picture of people, it’s about getting the best angles/lighting for the most flattering results… Because we all want to look our best 🙂
  3. Ability to anticipate & capture the moment – Weddings move fast, moments are here and gone… Even a pro won’t be able to capture it all but we can catch more, much more. A pro knows when and where moments are likely to happen and be there before they do.
  4. Ability to “see the light” – 90% of photography is capturing light. The ability to see the light, good light? That is a learned skill. Pros have it and our photos are much better because of it.
  5. Equipment – We’ve got it, pro grade equipment, others don’t. We also have backup equipment, in case of equipment failure. Cameras, flash, computers and hard drives etc. Speaking of hard drives…
  6. Due diligence – Pros backup your photos the moment they get back to the office, that night! We keep your backups off site in case of break-in or fire. Due diligence comes into play in many other areas… We print off directions to and from all locations in case your limo driver needs them etc. We take the time to get to know you and your desires for your wedding/photos. We do the prep work before the wedding to make sure your wedding goes without a hitch. We visit the ceremony location to check the lighting, locations for portraits and formals to prevent issues with crowds/traffic and lighting. There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into every wedding.
  7. Time to be a pro – What this means. Photography is all we do, it’s not an afterthought or side job. We can take the time to focus on your wedding so you aren’t left waiting on your images/album. We can spend the time needed after your wedding to edit and process your images and we have the skills and know-how to do so.
  8. Peace of mind – A pro at your wedding day will be 100% dedicated to you. We aren’t mingling with your guests, we don’t have aunts or brothers at your wedding to steal our time away. What we do have is a clear schedule to focus on you, your wedding and your photos.
  9. We’ve been there – The normal stress of a wedding day doesn’t get to us like it does people who haven’t been there. and because of this…
  10. We’re more fun – We know how to lighten the mood and make sure you have fun. At the end of the day, you really just want your wedding to be fun and for everyone to have a good time. Hire a pro and let your guests be well, guests.
    Contact Me & let’s talk about your photo needs. Over coffee or Skype?

    P.S. What’s most important to you on your wedding day? Leave me a comment.

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Photo Tip #2

Photo Tip #2


When you are taking pictures indoors with flash… Place your subjects in a corner where your flash will hit both walls joining and fill-in the harsh shadows on their faces.


Now Go Shoot!

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Photo Tip 1

Photo Tip #1

Ever take pictures of a friend or a couple on their wedding day and their eyes don’t look like they have any “life” in them, just look emotionless?

Ever find yourself wishing you had “better” models or you knew how to fix this for future pictures you take?

Nothing can ruin a picture faster. 


Here’s a Photo Tip to try next time you get the camera out

Tell your friend or model to look at the camera but instead of focusing on the lens, have them look “through” the camera to something 50 or 100 foot behind it.

It helps if there is a tree or sign they can see behind you.

This will give life to their eyes and look like they are focused in thought.

Trying this simple trick will improve you pictures for years to come.


Stay tuned for more Photo Tip’s to come

Now go shoot 🙂



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