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Fight leukemia with art

A couple weeks ago my friend Angelea reached out with the news that her father is beginning his fight with a newfound foe, leukemia. The news was unexpected and as Angelea prepared to head to be with her dad while he’s starting treatment right away. Angelea had one simple request while reaching out;

I thought it might be nice to decorate his hospital room with a bunch of photos so he has something beautiful to look at as he gets chemo the next month.

That request was an easy yes.
He starts chemo tomorrow

Decorated my Dad’s room with lots and lots of photos from around the world. Special thanks to my fellow photographer friends who sent me photos to print of their amazing adventures. These will sure be comforting and will allow his mind to wander to beautiful places when he starts chemo tomorrow and for the next month. ❤️

This lighthouse off the shore in Acadia Maine was from a multi-state road trip my best friend Mitch and I took for my 30th birthday. I still haven’t edited all the photos from that trip…
Ocean and light house Maine

this image is of the sunset in Iceland over the tetonic plates. Such a magical land!
Iceland sunset
A snowy sunset on the northern side of Scotland. Captured it on our way to the Isle of Skye.
Snowy Scotland sunset
The Fairy Pools… Where I got my wings in Scotland 🙂
Ferry pools waterfall Scotland

These are some of my most important personal photos to myself. I’m very honored if they’re inspiring to fuel the fight against that leukemia.
You inspire me ❤️

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Wedding flowers | Memorial service flowers…

It’s not often I share photos of details from weddings, despite how amazing they are and how much work goes into them, I just care way more about the connection and relationship!

Well this isn’t really about the photo, it’s a story about how awesome Swati + Prabodh are;
My good buddy’s father very unexpectedly passed away and my buddy (who is also a wedding photographer) expressed they were having difficulty getting together with a florist for the memorial service over Labor Day weekend and asked if I had a wedding then and if they might be open to him getting the flowers after… I asked Swati and without hesitation she was excited and said ‘yes, you can get them all!’

Nashville Indian wedding details

We loaded them up and they were beautiful the next day setup for his memorial service. Really blessed the family and took something off their plate to focus on more important details.
Thanks again Swati + Prabodh! Y’all rock my socks off!

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Take pictures | Live well

I was walking around downtown Nashville the other day after a session and it was a busy time with the NHL All Stars game in town, lots of folks around lower Broadway.
When I came across a sweet scene of a little kiddo and dad walking and the child was struggling to keep up and looked tired, the dad stooped down and put the child on his shoulders for the rest of their journey.

Got me thinking, I know a lot about my life in general and my childhood from photos;
I don’t really remember much about our trips to the Grand Canyon or Disney World when I was young, adventures to the zoo or rides on my dad’s shoulders… That is until I look at photos and I somehow remember more and even much more than the photo shows.

Old family photos (Photo: Me atop my dad’s shoulders with 4 of my brothers and sisters sometime in the late 80’s I’m guessing. My mom must’ve taken this one)

Photos remind us of our past, sometimes remind us of who we are or once were and hold some keys to where we’re going.
They’re soo important, so take that selfie or grab that photo… BUT also remember to soak in the splendor of those you spend your life with 🙂

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Homeless fathers day portraits

I’ve had the privilege of volunteering photography for my church here in Nashville, Cross Point, for many months now and have been ramping up my invovlement with the Dream Center (which Cross Point runs in Nashville).
The other day I had the honor to photograph some of the men the Dream Center works with for fathers day portraits; These men will be able to send a printed photo to their loved ones and keep one for themselves.
A professional portrait may seem like a luxury item not really needed, but it’s amazing the impact it can have in the lives of those often neglected.

Here’s a few of my favorites from our session.

Titans portrait

Homeless father portrait

Fathers day portraits

Tattooed homeless portrait

Childs fathers day portrait

Homeless portrait

As you might imagine, there’s a lot of initial apprehension for these men as you offer to create a portrait for them. Many have not had a professional photo made maybe ever and some the last time they had a photo taken was for booking in jail.
But you just smile and let them know it’s for them, shake their hand and offer some compassion and respect and the walls will start to crumble.

Actually have a lunch meeting (today) with the director of the Dream Center to plan a small childrens summer program teaching photography this summer. Hopefully it’ll be a great outlet and a form of art therapy for many of the kiddos.
Can’t wait 🙂

I learned from the director of the Dream Center at lunch today that one of these gentlemen (who said he’d not had a photo made in a very long time) let them know he hasn’t spoken with his son in over 4 years, said they didn’t even know each other anymore.
This gentleman said he mailed this copy of his portrait along with a note to his son and said he wanted him to know what he looks like now, his son wrote him back saying it was good to hear from him. They’re looking forward to continuing building their relationship.

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Family is what matters!

Hope you’re gearing up for Christmas and the other holidays nicely.
As they come ever closer, I’m reminded of the significance family can play in our lives; the support and love we can be for one another.
It’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year as family is close and guards are down… Many of the same reasons why I soo love weddings; they bring out the best in family and bring down the emotional walls of our hearts, freeing us to be who we truly are.

This (now famous) wedding dance film illustrates this point so well;
Andrea Had recently lost her dad to cancer and wouldn’t be sharing her father daughter dance with him at her one wedding… Her family decided they could help fill the gap his absence had left.

I did not photograph this wedding, though I would’ve been honored to, but this display of support and outpouring of love from her family will always be very moving to me. This is what family is all about, right here.

Let’s hug our loved ones a little more, tell them how loved they are and be that support we so often need ourselves.

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