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Hi, my name is Micah G Robinson, I’m a wedding photographer based in Nashville Tennessee. Like most of us, I’ve been shaped greatly by some regrets in my life. Because of this, I’m intently focused on relationships and how they impact our lives. I’m in a unique position to be sensitive to your relationships and capture the real moments that mean the most to you; your mom crying while you say your vows, your groom breaking down as he reads your love note before the ceremony. Moments are fleeting; Love endures all things, it never ends.

  • My friends like my integrity
  • Bridesmaids love my eyes (though I think my tush might be my better asset)
  • Clients adore their wedding story & my serving spirit
  • oh and I play a mean game of disc golf

    “A picture doesn’t just tell a story, document a moment, or show something. It reassembles the world in a way our hearts feel and our minds see. It is a belief in living so powerful it extends permanently into the ether of the consciousness.”


    Things worth believing in.

    I believe in commitment // your word and keeping it // healthy boundaries // legacy, we’re all going to leave one. Make sure it’s great! // God and helping those in need // forts in the woods

    Fast facts about Micah

    Am I a natural blond? A lady never tells, but yes.

    How long have you been a wedding photographer? 8+ years part time, 5+ years full time.

    I’ve been filing self employment tax since I’ve been filing taxes.

    Forts in the woods were independence to me growing up the youngest of 8, I guess in many ways they still are.

    I use a 🙂 far too often (it’s like a real problem).

    Sarcasm is my love language.

    Arrested Development is my go to background noise for editing photos. Chicken dance anyone?

    I truly believe I’ve met some of the best people to ever walk the face of the earth, I’d really like to add you to that list.

    A little t.m.i about You

    You’re just a little wilder than your fiancé and he’s OK with that. In fact he loves that about you.

    You love deeply, though you worry you don’t show the people you care most about what they truly mean to you.

    You could be described as working a little too much. You’re passionate about your career & future.

    You love food and know that time with great friends around a table is well spent. Add a glass of great wine and it’s paradise 🙂

    You believe that the best things in life can’t be bought, but when they can they aren’t cheap.


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