2012 366 Day Photo Challenge – Nashville, TN Photography

I’ve taken it upon myself to do a 366 Day Photo Challenge this year (leap year). It all started on Jan 1st, as all New Years resolutions should.

I’m typically not big into New Years resolutions however with one like this 366 Day Photo Challenge the potential for growth & creative expansion are too great to pass up. I’ll have to create at least 1 image each day that I don’t mind sharing. Sounds easy enough, right?


We find ourselves on day 7 today… Here’s a quick recap of the previous days.


Nashville photographer

Day 1 Photo 1. I went most of the day & forgot to take my photo… Thus around midnight I stopped on the side of the road & took these photos with my phone. A bit of PhotoShop was needed to cover the lacking phone image:)

Nashville, TN wedding photography

Day 1 Photo 2. Same story as above.

Nashville Tennessee wedding photography

Day 2 Photo 1. I am now making it a point to create more deliberately. Myself & my friend Matthew Dwyer (Nashville Photographer) went to The OpryLand Hotel here in Nashville & got some great Christmas light photos before they get taken down.

Nashville wedding

Day 2 Photo 2.

Weddings Nashville

Day 2 Photo 3.

Two rivers Mansion Wedding

Day 2 Photo 4. You’ve gotta “break the rules” some times to get the shot you need. I think it’s worth it:)

Nashville wedding photography

Day 2 Photo 5. I’m a suck for ‘out of focus’ photos of lights.

Opryland hotel wedding

Day 2 Photo 6. It really is a beautiful Hotel.

Opry Land Hotel wedding

Day 2 Photo 7. Wedding at OpryLand Hotel anyone? Really could work for a classic themed wedding.

Tennessee photography

Day 2 Photo 8. Love these lights!

Nashville Photographer

Day 3 Photo 1. My cat Bandit.

Brentwood photography

Day 3 Photo 2. Bandit again but this time I took my 28-70mm 2.8 lens off my camera & flipped it around & shot through it backwards to get this macro image.

Nashville wedding photos

Day 3 Photo 3. CFL in my bedroom.

TN wedding photography

Day 3 Photo 4. I used to skate growing up, now the prospect of a broken leg isn’t appealing at all:)

Nashville TN fashion photographer

Day 4 Photo 1. I’ve been helping my sister & brother-in-law paint their basement. Really like how this one came out.

Willson County wedding photographer

Day 5 Photo 1. Took these photos of my good friend Josh Robertson.

Mount Juliet Wedding photographer

Day 5 Photo 2. From darkness to Light.

Nashville weddings

Day 6 Photo 1.

Cederwood wedding photography

Day 6 Photo 2. Bandit strikes again!

Micah G Robinson

Day 6 Photo 3. This is a little dark I must admit but I love it!

So that pretty much caches you up to date on my 366 Day Photo Challenge. Stay tuned for day 7 coming soon!

P.S. If you have fun places to photograph around the Nashville area leave a comment. I’m always looking to more places to shoot.

P.P.S. What’s your favorite place to eat in Nashville? I’m looking to expand my known hangouts:)

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